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We asked: the girls from DALA answered

Have you ever had a question for a folk musician but were afraid to ask? Of course not. Folk musicians are the most approachable and friendly people on the planet.

We asked the lovely girls from DALA a few questions and they provided us with entertaining answers. Read for yourself!

  • How has your songwriting style shifted as you’ve gotten older? Amanda: I think the essence of how we approach songwriting is the same, but perhaps we’re more comfortable being vulnerable. Sheila: Also, the themes have changed as we’ve gotten older. We may be entering our “Dala Ma’am” years.
  • What song evokes the strongest memories for you, and why? Amanda: “Horses.” Every time we sing that song, and we sing it every night, I am catapulted back to the moment when we met the young man who inspired it.
  • If you were chosen for the Amazing Race, who would you pick as your partner and why? Sheila: Chuck Norris. Needs no explanation.
  • What song best describes you first thing in the morning? Amanda: Here it is!
  • When was the last time you took a big risk? Sheila: I tried an improv class, and I was terrible. You’re supposed to say “no” to everything, right?
  • What motivates you to stay in the music business, keep writing and going out on the road? Amanda: Sheila. Creating and performing with Sheila is the light of my life.
  • What draws you to someone else? Sheila: Sense of humour. Amanda: agreed!
  • What do you do each day that matters? Sheila: I talk to my mom on the phone. And I’ve started doing yoga every morning and it’s making me less insane. Amanda: I hug my son.
  • What act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget? Sheila: everything my parents have done for me from the day I was born. It’s overwhelming to think of how devoted parents can be.
  • So, who takes longer to get ready? Sheila: I do. These eyelashes don’t curl themselves

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