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Reserve your seat for The Marrieds!

Reserve your seat for this wonderful house concert at Patty and Ginny’s on June 6. Reservation info can be found here. Don’t forget about our Youth Songwriting Showcase happening this Saturday. More information can be found here.... read more

Membership has its benefits

Membership does have its benefits . . . Starting with our Jory Nash show on May 1, Barrie Folk Society members will receive first choice seating. Members (and their guests) will be let in 10 minutes before the rest of the audience. Please note: this applies only to... read more

We asked: Jory answered

Have you ever had a question for a folk musician but were afraid to ask? Of course not. Folk musicians are the most approachable and friendly people on the planet.

We posed a few questions to Toronto singer-songwriter Jory Nash, our May performer and he provided some entertaining and enlightening responses.

  • Why did it take so long to do a hat CD cover and can a person have too many hats? I actually hadn’t really thought of a hat cover before. I knew if I ever had a Greatest Hits CD I would call it “The Greatest Hats of Jory Nash” but I didn’t think of the cover art concept until this year. And because I likely will never have a Greatest Hits CD I decided I didn’t want that great title to go to waste so I used it for this new one. Ummmm, what do you mean can a person have too many hats? This question does not compute.
  • What are the three things you know to be true? 1) Rob Ford was the worst mayor in the history of Toronto. No, Canada. No, ever. 2) I’m going to marry my girlfriend Brittany one day. Shhh, don’t tell her. I don’t want to scare her off. 3)
  • Who are some of your favourite up-and-coming musicians? I’m not as in touch with the up-and-coming scene as I’d like to be, but I really like The Young Novelists. I also really like Steph Cameron’s new CD. And there’s this new group from Britain called The Beatles. I think they might go far.
  • What is the best thing about living in Toronto? What is the worst? Best thing about Toronto is the never-ending list of cool things to do. Worst thing is the cost of living. I can deal with the gridlock, I can deal with the smog, I can deal with the crappy hockey team. But I worry I’ll have to move simply because it’s getting harder and harder to afford to live here, and I’m making less and less as a musician each year.
  • Does being a musician help or hinder in the dating process? And what’s your best dating advice? This answer would depend on a) one’s age b) the stage of one’s career c) whether one is actively dating. I deleted all my online profiles after I met my current girlfriend. I only have eyes for her. Best dating advice? Try to date someone (like a teacher) who has a pension and a partner medical plan, so you can eventually get on their medical plan. Dental coverage is GOLD to a self-employed musician.
  • Of all the tribute shows you’ve been involved with at Hugh’s Room, which has been the most fun to do? Most satisfying would be my annual Gordon Lightfoot show. Most fun would be our annual Smooth Sweet Sounds of the 70s show. It’s Dy-No-Mite!
  • With your songwriting style, do you usually start with a lyric or a tune? I always start with the music. Sometimes the lyrics come after, sometimes they are concurrent with the music writing. Lyrics almost never come first, and if they do it’s usually only a starting line or an idea for a lyrical thread.
  • What’s the strangest (or memorable) thing a fan has ever said to you? “Will you consider artificially inseminating my best friend? She wants to raise a child on her own and wants it to be artistic.”
  • You’re out on tour right now. What’s the best (and worst) part about being on the road? BEST: Seeing different parts of the country, meeting people I would never otherwise meet. WORST: Small audiences, being away from home (family and girlfriend) for long stretches of time. Too much downtime.
  • Do you think it was the right move to fire everyone in the Leafs’ organization? What advice would you have for the team? I’ve just today been reading about yesterday’s bloodletting in Leafland, Frankly, the organization needs an enema, and I support the firings 100%. The team has made so many mistakes, from poor trades to poor coaching hirings to TERRIBLE salary cap management. I LOVE that they are finally doing a rebuild the right way. My advice would be to do the rebuild the right way. They have two potentially great players from the last two drafts (Reilly & Nylander). They will get another cornerstone at this year’s draft. Suck again next year and get one more high draft pick. Then we will start to see the team be better in the long term.

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Upcoming Events

8:00 pm The Marrieds @ Ginny and Patty's house
The Marrieds @ Ginny and Patty's house
Jun 6 @ 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm
The Marrieds @ Ginny and Patty's house
BarrieFolk is thrilled to present The Marrieds in a house concert at Ginny and Patty’s on Saturday, June 6. This London, Ontario duo of Jane Carmichael (vocals, uke) and Kevin Kennedy (vocals, guitar) officially formed[...]
6:30 pm June Open Stage @ Barrie Public Library
June Open Stage @ Barrie Public Library
Jun 12 @ 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm
All musicians budding and otherwise, are welcome to the Barrie Folk Society open stage Unplugged Friday Nights. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Music starts at 7 p.m. No admission, but donations are welcome.

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